Frequent Asked Questions

Will there be a WIFI at the camp site?

Is it possible to drive into the camping area and pitch the tent next to the car?

Is the camp kids friendly?
Yes, however note that music could be too high for kids, bring earplugs.

Is there any address I can enter into my navigation for finding the location of the camp?
Yes, “4, rue du Bois Nolomont. 5377 Heure-en-Famenne”. Once you arrive to this address stop using your navigator and follow the CS signs, the camp location has no address.

Is the tap water drinkable?
No, buy cheap bottled water in nearby Aldi

Does the camp has basic facilities?
Yes! Running water, electricity, toilet and cold shower.

I arrive late in the evening by train, can i get a pick up?
We dont know, depends who is still sober at the camp. We remind you that the organizers will pick you from station any time before 6pm. We will be so busy, you only should wait and relax.

Is the camp free of charge?
No, buy your ticket online on this site

I paid my ticket online but I’m not able to come, is it possible to get a refund?
No refund is possible.

Can i still pay at the camp site?
Yes, but the price is much higher than the online ticket ( 20€)

Would it be possible to come for just 1 day?
Yes, it’s possible but the price will be the same, you stay few hours or 5 days, you overnight or not. We dont sell one day ticket.

Does the price include food and drinks?
Yes! But only breakfast is included in the price. Lunch and dinner are not.

I dont have a tent, can i get a spare tent or share one with others?
We do provide spare tents, some 4 people tents are available. Book in advance to be sur to get one, leave a comment at the registration process

Can I use a hammock?
Yes, the camp is surrounded by plenty of trees.

I dont like camping nor hammock, are there any accomodation options with beds nearby?
AirbnB is your friend.

Where can i find the organizers phone numbers?
At the “contact us” section

Is there a supermarket within driving (or walking) distance of the camp?
The nearest supermarket is Mini Market, 7 km away (Rue de l’Ourthe, 36. 5377 – Noiseux) but this is a small one with few options. Bigger supermarkets in marche en Famenne, 10 km away.

Are there any swiming spot near the camp, river, lake…
In less than 10 minutes driving, in a village called ” Noiseux” there is a cool spot under the bridge.

Can i bring children?

Can i bring friends who are not hospitality website members?
Yes but they need to register here.

Do you have a fridge? Yes

5 days camping is too long, how do we spend time?
By doing plenty of activities, excursions and games. check the program

I will only stay for one night, should i pay the same price? Yes. You stay 5 days or 1 day, the price is the same.

Is the price per person, per tent or per car? Per person no matter how long you stay.