Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.8Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.7Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.7

Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.8

12 - 16 September 2018 Bastogne, Belgium

Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.7

23 - 27 August 2017 Heure, Belgium

Welcome to Belgium Summer Camp Vol.7

23 - 27 August 2017 Heure, Belgium


Check out our photos gallery of the last editions and remember that great moments.


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Who is Coming?

Check the list of participants of this camp edition and join your friends.


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Contact Us

Do you have any question? Contact the organisers, they are glad to clarify your questions and help you.


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Belgium Summer Camp is a hospitality exchange event organized by and for hospex networks members such as Bewelcome, HospitalityClub, Couchsurfing… The camp has been happening since 2011 and takes place last weekend of August of every year. It’s located in Heure-en-Famenne, a small village in The Ardennes in Southern Belgium. The region is regarded as Belgium’s wildest area with plenty of extensive forests and rolling hills. It’s easy to reach the camp by train and Brussels is less than 2 hours by car. The camp provides basic facilities such as cold shower, toilet, running water, electricity is also available.


Food and drinks


Breakfast (included in the price) with coffee, tea, jam, chocolate, bread and fruits will be served every morning till very late, we don’t forget you late risers… you are allways the same! When it comes to lunch and dinner, you need to make your own plans. A barbecue At your disposale 24/24.
Ps: It’s totaly prohibated to start up a new fireplace than the official one, however you can bring your own barbecue, stove, cooker…


What to bring?


Bring your tents, as many as you can so you can share with people who don’t have. Kitchen stuffs: spoon, fork, knife, wine opener, salt, sugar, condiments, cup and plate, skewers, cutting board, Ziplock bags. Camping material: tent or tarp, flashlight, fire starters/newspaper, ax, tipi’s, hammock, shovel, folding table, rope, jerrycans, sleeping bag, extra blankets (the weather can be cold at night ), towel, warm socks, candles.
Acoustical musical instruments: Guitar, trumpet, your favorite lyrics & music notes for sing along, swimsuit, rain gear, flip-flops, hiking shoes, sunglasses, bikes, sunscreen, water gun, tennis racquets…




It’s a camping, so most of us will be sleeping in tents, others in their cars or hammocks. Wherever you sleep in, the price is the same. If you dont have a tent, you can borrow one from the organisation team, contact us to book one as soon as possible, we have limited tents. You also can share other people’s tent, leave a comment in the registration process and ask for a tent sharing. Basically we never had an accomodation issues, most of people bring huge tents.
An other option for people who dont like camping but still wanna have fun with us at the camp site. AirBnB is your friend, check out the offers in the surrounding villages.


Basic facilities


We do provide 4 toilets, 4 sinks, coffee machine, different electrical sockets and basic cold shower made manually by volunteers with the help of the tap. However if you wanna a real shower, then go the nearest pool in Marche en Famenne:

Centre Sportif Local

Chaussée de l’Ourthe, 74. 6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Wed 10h – 20h
Thu 11h45 – 13h15
Fri, Sat 9 – 18h


How to reach the camp?


The camp is located in the village of “Heure-en-Famenne” in a scouting area easily reachable from Brussels, Liege(B) and Luxemburg in a bit more than one hour driving, check out the Google map

Nearby low cost airport:

Brussels charleroi airport, 1h away
Brussels Zaventem airport, 1h30 away Frankfurt hahn airport, 2h away
Maastricht airport, 1h30 away
Luxembourg airport, less than 1h away

By train

People coming from brussels should take the train with Luxembourg city as destination, then get off at the station called ” Marloie”. Check out the time table at the Belgian railway site

Pick ups from the train station

Once arrived to “Marloie” train station send a text message to the organizer (the phone number will be published later) to get picked up ( not later than 7pm, nobody is sober afterwards).. We can’t promise to pick you at the speed of light, all depends where and how busy we are. Sending the text msg much time before your arrival sounds more efficient. You also can make it by hitchhiking, the station is only 15min by car from the camp site.

Ps: We dont respond to any phone call, please only text message or Whatsapp.

By car

Ps: As every year there will be CS signs in every corner at the village. When you arrive to the village, stop using your navigator and follow only the signs, it’s all about small rural roads that the navigator can’t read.

The camp address

By hichhiking:

It’s possible check hitchwiki for tips.



PS: We won’t accept any online payment made after the deadline.

What does the price include?

– 5 days camping
– Running water
– Toilet
– Cold Shower
– Wristband
– Daily breakfast
– pick ups from train station when is needed

In order to pay online you need to register.


Volunteering and workshops


We are always in need of motivated volunteers who wanna take part in the camp building up. As a volunteer you get a free ticket, contact us for more détails.
Get involved in the camp by organizing activities you are good at: Yoga, music, sport, games…Get back to us for more details.




The weather is mostly good and sunny, it was even too hot last 2 editions. However, rain can surprise you anytime so bring your waterproof jacket.





Vieille route de Liège 20
6900 Marche en Famenne
Mo-Sa 8h30-19h Closed on sunday

Hypermarché Carrefour

Has good collection of Belgian beers
Chaussée de Liège 41
6900 Marche en Famenne
Mo – Thu +Sat 8h30 -20h
Fri 8h30 -21h


As cheap as aldi but has more choices
Mo – Thu + Sat 8h30 -20h
Fri 8h30 -21h

Mini Market

A small supermaket, not many choices
Rue de l’Ourthe, 36
5377 – Noiseux
Mo – Sat 8h30- 18h30
Sun 8h30 – 13h

Trafic shop

Sells camping equipment
Mo – Sat 9h30- 18h30
Sun 10h – 18h

If you have any question check out the FAQ page

Facebook event page

Facebook group page

couchsurfing event page

Organizer phone number: To be announced…